Types of Meal Plans

tumblr_lzaiamDSlb1r4nycbo1_500 This is the plan I started with.


IMG_5977 The Crazy Skinny Girl Diet is very low-cal.

317bn7nSweet, Tiny Body Diet.  I suppose I could try different fruits here if I stick to the lower calorie count.

Paleo: This is what I am doing.  I eat no grains of any sort, no sugar with a couple exceptions (honey, maple syrup…), no rices, no legumes (beans and peanuts), no oils (except olive, nut, or coconut).  I’m also vegetarian so I eat no meat.  This one takes some work but because it is so strict, coupled with not eating meat, I don’t have to eat out with many people.  No one pesters me for not eating at work either.  Downside–I get asked thousands of questions about it.  What people don’t realize is I am basically explaining my eating disorder to them.  Its a bit of a rush to admit something like that without people fully understanding.

The 3 Day Fruit Flush

  • Breakfast:
    1 piece of high-carb fruit (banana, large pear, ½ mango)
    total: varies
  • Lunch:1 piece high-fiber fruit (apple, plums, ½ cup berries)
    total: varies
  • Dinner:
    1 piece citrus fruit (orange, small grapefruit, tangerine, 2 clementines)
  • total: varies
  • total: 220- 310 calories, 1 gm fat.

Credit to https://theproanalifestyleforever.wordpress.com/ for this one.

The Russian Gymnast Diet

  • Breakfast:Glass of either orange or apple juice
  • Lunch:
    Fruit Salad (made of kiwi fruit, orange, pineapple, and peeled apples)
    Glass of fruit juice (from one of the above fruits)
  • Dinner:
    Glass of non carbonated water
    Green apple (granny smith)
    Anyone on this diet for 5-7 days can loose between 4 lbs-11 lbs

Credit to theproanalifestyleforever.wordpress.com/ for this one as well.

There are tons more, I will be adding on… I can never seem to stick to just one plan. I frequently get bored and change it up.


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