Gross Foods that Actually Exist

So I started this page because of a thread on MPA, the pictures of nasty food went on for days.  It kills your appetite.  Some people did find these foods interesting and as a result, chose to eat.  If that is you, do not look at these pictures.

images (9)

images (8)

images (7)
Why not use grilled cheese sandwiches for the bread? It;s gross, that’s why


images (6)


images (5)
Doughnut breakfast sandwiches, yum


images (4)
Why have bread at all, let’s just use the chicken patties


images (3)
For those days when 1 type of meat just isn’t enough


download (3)

download (2)
Cause a doughnut bun is so much tastier


images (2)

images (1)


Balut—look it up


download (1)

Slimy, yet satisfying?



More Coming!

Look for a special Fried Everything section.


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