Gross Foods that Actually Exist

So I started this page because of a thread on MPA, the pictures of nasty food went on for days.  It kills my appetite.

images (9)images (8)

images (7)
Why not use grilled cheese sandwiches for the bread? It;s gross, that’s why

images (6)Gross-Foods---Carls-Jr-Breakfast-Burger-jpg

images (5)
Doughnut breakfast sandwiches, yum
images (4)
Why have bread at all, let’s just use the chicken patties
images (3)
For those days when 1 type of meat just isn’t enough

download (3)

download (2)
Cause a doughnut bun is so much tastier

images (2)

images (1)
Balut—look it up

download (1)

Slimy, yet satisfying?

hqdefaultMore Coming!

Look for a special Fried Everything section.


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