My name is Alli and I’m in my 20s.  As a little girl I was very thin, I ate healthy and was quite active.  I would tell people my favorite food was salad, at 6 years old!  As I got older, the stresses at home and school got to me, somewhere along the way I began eating more.  I stopped being picky about what I ate.  I always felt inferior in school, I never seemed to fit in with the other kids.  I started doing crash diets in middle school.  By high school, I was skipping as many meals as I could and purging when I was forced to eat.  My grades suffered from the lack of nutrition and my stress level shot up.  I got into other destructive behaviors and even attempted suicide.  Needless to say, high school was a drag.  #MovieReference

Many of my destructive behaviors followed me into college, and I picked up some new ones!  For a time, I was living clean, eating anything I wanted and rarely exercising.  At some point, however, that little voice returned and told me what I should be doing.  I have been following a new plan ever since.

I have around 200 pounds to lose.  I don’t own a bathroom scale right now, so I rely on how clothing fits to tell me if I’ve lost weight.  I workout in the middle of the night.  It’s amazing how many attractive guys go to the gym at 2 am.  I love the elliptical and the treadmill.  Squats really work your leg and butt muscles, so give those a try.

Highest Weight: 317 lbs

Current Weight: 268 lbs  (I finally know my CW!)

CW: 212 lbs (July 2015)

CW: 200 lbs (August 2015)

CW: 194 lbs (September 2015)

CW: 170 lbs (October 2015)

CW: 162 lbs (November 2015)

CW: 155 lbs (December 2015) Size 8-10

CW: 150 lbs (March 2016) Size 6 pants

CW: 147-153 lbs (April 2016) I still can’t seem to break this plateau and I struggle to fast more than 2 days.

CW: 150 lbs, dropped to 141 lbs but gained it back (May 2016), size 4/6 pants

CW: 160 lbs this morning, I’ve been stuck in this rut for too many months

CW: 142 lbs this morning. In the past year I have made it as low as 131 lbs before fucking it up again. I can’t do this like a little perfect girl anymore. (November 2017) Size 4-6 pants, still 😒

Ideal Weight: 88 lbs

Goal Weight: 5 lbs 2 1/2 oz

(Yes, I want to die weighing what I weighed at birth.  Yes, I know it’s not possible.)

If you need support, I’m happy to talk.

Check me out on MPA.  My User name is PartyGirl

Twitter: @GerberDaisyGir1 and @SatansSlave21  both are ED twitter accounts

If you want to leave hateful mail or comments, get over yourself.  No one is perfect, not even you.


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