New Look

Ok, first off, I tried to spell NEW like noo.  LMAO

I decided a new look and a new name for the site was in order.  It is a bit like a rebirth, me shedding the old, binge-heavy, identity and trying on something a little lighter.  Plus I thought the new name was fitting.  It’s an idea I’ve had rattling around in my head for a while.  I decided if I ever wrote a book about my life, I would call it “The Girl in the Kitchen.”

In other notes, I am quitting one of my jobs.  I just can’t deal with two jobs and anorexia and trying to buy a house (which isn’t happening because I have shitty credit) and keeping my mother happy while she throws comments at me.  I need to find another job, but it will be nice having a day off once in a while.  I mean it’s rather difficult to get properly fucked up when you know you have work in the morning.  How long does acid last, anyway?

I’m seeing a new doctor in the morning.  I didn’t like the comments the previous doctor made and she was prescription-crazed.  Take antidepressants, if you are happy, you’ll eat.  LOL no bitch, it ain’t work like dat.  I also want to get my blood work done again.  Can you just ask a doctor to run labs?  Like how does that work?

Met a cute guy last night.  He was flirting so hard, made me blush.  But we didn’t exchange numbers or anything.  He’s a friend of a friend, and we are going canoeing sometime soon, but I wish I had been brave enough, or known what to say, to ask for his number.  He’s got these crazy sexy eyes.  I feel so stupid for not knowing how to date someone.  Normal people don’t have this problem and there isn’t an instruction manual.  So I’m putting the call out…help me!!!!! I’m so serious.  I need advice.

I’m on day 2 of a liquid fast.  I’m doing well.  Starving, but well.  I had 2 jello shots, one chip with a tiny bit of homemade salsa, and a single square of chocolate while the kids made s’mores last night.  Today I had a couple bites of things as I made them at work, but I didn’t eat and I didn’t binge.  It may not be a strict liquid fast, but compared to the insanity of binging daily, I call this improvement.


2 comments on “New Look

  1. I usually give them my number and am like OMG let me give you my number so when you’re ready to go canoeing just call me k? Like play it cool and casual.

    And I have a lot of experience of giving and getting numbers 😛 I had quite a um phase in my life.

    For lab work, if you don’t feel comfortable asking for them to draw it, fake a symptom. So fake symptoms of anemia or low sodium. It depends on what kind of blood work you’re looking for


  2. So cute guy and I hooked up a couple times. Then he ignored me for a day while we were at a festival with friends. Then he kinda got touchy-feely while we tripped on acid. And now I don’t know anymore. But last night was amazing and terrifying.

    The new doctor decided to run a full panel without my requesting so that worked nicely.


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