Interesting week

So I got my first tattoo, I went all by myself.  It’s a Scorpio symbol, the M with the arrow, on my left wrist.  The artist was super nice and understanding.  She explained everything and went slow to be sure I could handle it.  It actually did not hurt that much.  I opted for the small tattoo to begin with, because I was super worried it would hurt so much and I would chicken out before the tattoo was finished.  I’m proud that I found a shop and an artist all by myself.

I also went and had my tongue pierced.  My best friend took me to the shop that did my septum.  We waited until the owner was finished with the tattoo he was doing and then he took me to the piercing room.  It didn’t take that long, but I think I may have broken my friends fingers!  The clamp didn’t hurt but the needle did.  After that, the bar went in and then he screwed on the balls.  That part hurt more than the needle.  I can’t eat anything crunchy or hard, no fish or seafood (bacteria), I have to rinse my mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash after smoking, eating, and drinking.

We went out front, the shop was closed so it was just the piercer, me, my best friend, and her boyfriend (he’s now employed as the ‘bitch-boy’ of the shop; he has a job!!!)  As we were leaving, I felt super light-headed.  I had been so nervous waiting for a couple of hours to get it done, my adrenaline was flying.  I said I think I need to sit.  Quickly into a chair, they grabbed me a soda and had me look up.  The looking up made me very sick to my stomach and the soda was hard to drink with my new tongue ring.  I was handed a trash can and a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol was put on the back of my neck.  My friend’s boyfriend was strangely attentive despite his obvious annoyance/disgust with my “eating habits.”  I was generally mortified and actually apologized.

I know I have been wanting to pass out, but when it almost happened my instincts kicked in and I tried to prevent it.  I don’t really know why, just yet.

My tongue swelled the next day.  I talked funny immediately after the piercing and we found amusement in the words I said weird; weird being one of those words.  Anything with and “r,” “th,” or “l” comes out funny.  I basically sound like Elmer Fudd “twying to catch that si-weee wabbit.”  My mum had me say funny words over and over.  I’m just glad she wasn’t angry.

I feel like I need to admit that part of the reason for my wanting a tongue ring was to prevent me from eating so much, and for the most part it has worked.  Unfortunately, I have been really hungry the past two days.

My tongue is incredibly swollen and kinda painful.  I also have a sore neck; with the swollen tongue and the bar in my mouth, I have been holding my mouth weird, thus everything is sore from compensating.


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