My first tattoo

I think I want to get a Bay Laurel Tree tattoo. The tree itself represents psychic awareness, connection to the past, aid in communication with the spirits of prophecy and poetry, and it symbolizes glory and honour. The leaves are used in cooking, to add flavour to soups and meats. They are also an ingredient in Bloody Mary’s, my favourite cocktail.

Beyond all of that, the tree is perfect for use as a topiary, which means the tree is confined in a small pot and carefully pruned and shaped into a nice little ball or cone. I often feel like I am being forced into some mold or image by the people in my life and society as a whole. I guess I feel like a Bay Laurel.

When the Bay Laurel Tree is left to grow wild, it becomes a rather large, sprawling tree.  The formation of the tree represents, to me, the human condition.  We strive to control and manipulate the things around us.  Left to our own, we can grow and become anything.  However, given the state of media, we are put into tiny molds, formed and shaped to be the ideal human.  We need to have the perfect job, perfect mate, perfect house, clothes, body, hair, family, thoughts, beliefs, friends…  It’s madness.

I constantly feel that if I had the ideal whatever, usually body and face, then life would be easier, happier.  I believe that if our country/world was not intensely focused on creating ideals, humans would be happier.  We could just accept that each human is an individual.  So I feel a connection with this tree, a tree that could grow large and wild but is continually held back by the hands of society.

For the tattoo, I would like a nice little pruned topiary on my left forearm, and a wild Bay Laurel on my right arm, to remind me that I am only restrained by society.

Formed and molded Bay Laurel

Wild Bay Laurel, California

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