I’ve had a thought

I haven’t been posting as much lately, but I’ve had a bit of a thought that I wanted to share.

I know many of us struggling with eating disorders tend to look for “tips,” inspiration, or general help/advice.  And I have personally felt that this made me some sort of fake anorexic.  As if someone really needs tips on having an eating disorder.  But, and this may be the THC talking, I realized that the tips and inspiration are there to quiet the screaming in my head.  For example, one of the tips I have on here suggests chewing gum while you prepare meals.  I know I am going to want to taste everything while I make it, which will make me hate myself even more.  Tasting means extra calories going in that I don’t register.  Chewing gum means I won’t snack.  But a tip like this will prevent me from feeling like the cow I secretly believe myself to be.

But having someone suggest ways to prevent actions that you would later hate yourself for, that I do not have a problem with.

But if you ask me how to stop eating so you can wear a cute bikini on spring break, then I am probably going to tell you to fuck off.

Thus concludes my moment of insight *Bow* *applause* (or not, haha)


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