New Year’s Wish for my Followers

Dearest friends,

I sincerely wish all the best for you in the New Year.  I began with the most cliché New Year’s message possible, I know.  What I really want to say is not that I hope you get all better and healthy, because many of us rely on the disorder to make the world move.  I want to wish all of you the strength to live one more day, the courage to get help if you are ready, the determination to cope with your demons.  While “well” is a positive outcome, I hope you all find the will to carry on.  Happy New Year, you’ve earned a new beginning.



One comment on “New Year’s Wish for my Followers

  1. Great message………………Happy New Year to you!!!!! I wish nothing, but the best, for you on your journey. Always remember, here at WP, you’re never alone. Take care and thank you for sharing your message. Peace. xx 🙂

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