Is it ok if I speak now?

So I may have mentioned this a dozen times before, but this really REALLY pisses me off.  I try to be a good listener.  I admit that I don’t remember most things, but I try to listen.  So nearly every day I listen to my roommate whine about her job or her family or some other pointless topic.  And every time, I try to talk about my day or what’s going on with me.  Either she cute me off mid sentence or she steers the conversation back to her.  EVERY DAMN TIME.

I shouldn’t be bothered by this anymore, since my father has always done very similar things.  He would minimize the things I was experiencing with my mother, by telling me it wasn’t as bad as his childhood with a schizophrenic mother.  Anything I had to say was always met with something bigger and better.   “Oh, you did that?  Well listen to this…”

So with the two of them, I constantly feel like my thoughts, my stories, my self are less than adequate.  I am not an equal, because anything I have to say is brushed aside like an unwanted puppy.  Clearly these people find themselves to be more important.


If you ever talk to people, like at all, make sure you shut up long enough for them to share.  It is selfish to expect others to listen to you when you have no intention of returning the favor.  Along with this, remember that while you may have a worse plot in life than someone else, that does not give you the right to cast aside their problems and overshadow them with your own.  What seems small to you, may be a mountain to another.  A mile is a much bigger distance to an Ant than to a Cheetah.


Always, Always Rise to the Occasion


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