It’s been an interesting weekend

I drove to Chicago after work on Saturday night so I could see Tove Lo in concert on Sunday night. All by myself!  

About 40 things have gone wrong so far. First I booked a room with Expedia only to discover that the hotel was out of rooms. Fortunately I found a hostel near the concert venue. An amazing place that I intend to visit every time I make it to Chicago. Second, there was no parking anywhere nearby, so I ended up in a lot that cost $15, and the car needed to be moved by 5 AM. I parked it there sometime after two. That meant I had to get back up and move it to a spot on the street. That actually worked out well bc I was able to leave my car there while I explored Chicago and then get it after the concert. Third is a shiny spot, although I got lost a bit in Chicago, I loved taking the train and the Navy Pier was amazing. I also got to see the great Chicago Marathon take place. Fourth, I had to force myself to eat pizza bc it is against all humanity to visit the city and not eat their pizza. But considering I took over 22,000 steps and climbed 12 flights of stairs, I am remarkably not upset that I ate. Fifth, while waiting in line for the concert, a man came around to check IDs and give drink bracelets. He didn’t believe that my ID was me and thus forbid me from having alcohol. But that’s not where he stopped. He took me to the front of the line and forced the other workers to look at me so that NO ONE would sell me alcohol. I was alone and sad. Sixth, while sulking, a man came over and asked what had happened. He was appalled and demanded that we request a supervisor. No one has ever stood up for me like that!  He and his friends embraced me, making sure I joined them in the venue. I was still denied alcohol by the assholes that work at Vic Theatre. But meeting Eric and his friends, along with two girls from Kentucky, made it so much better. Seventh, the concert was a blast but I had to be careful bc my phone was nearly dead. Eighth, following the concert, I told my new friends to look me up if they ever venture to Cincinnati, but of course none of us ever exchanged numbers. This saddens me the most bc I was crushing on Eric’s one friend. He even gave me a hug after the show. He also caught me in a couple of his photos. I don’t even know his name. Ninth, my radio had died on the way up, so to make it work I reattached it with electrical tape. The tape stopped holding after the concert and with a dead phone, I was without music and a way to charge my phone. That also meant I had no gps. Tenth, my car began acting strange, revving the engine but not getting much speed. This got worse until I was forced to pull off. With a dead phone, I had to find a restaurant that was open at midnight. So while waiting on my phone to charge and mainlining coffee to stay awake on less than four hours of sleep, I am whining about my life. I’m less than an hour south of Chicago, broke, and exhausted. I think my car needs transmission fluid. Fortunately there’s a 24 hour superstore across the street from the restaurant I’m sitting in. I’m also freezing my ass off!

And the night isn’t even over yet. On the bright side, the concert was amazing and I fell in love with Chicago. I might actually want to live there. 


4 comments on “It’s been an interesting weekend

  1. I could never do anything that you did!!! I am beyond envious!!! My agoraphobia would have me chickening out then hating myself for not going. And while “bad things” happened, you didn’t let it stop you from seeing all the positives!!!

    SO PROUD!!! 💕💕

    I bet Tove Lo was amazing…


    • Tove Lo was beyond amazing! I already told all my friends that we MUST go see her the next time she is within a 5 hour drive of us. I have been pushing myself to do things that scare me. Talking to new people and driving in places I have never driven before does scare me. I am constantly worried that I may break some unwritten or unknown law or rule when I visit new places. The act of traveling somewhere and finding a place to stay and things to do, I get loads of energy from that! The nightlife in Chicago is perfection!

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      • I’m like you that I want to push myself but I’m nowhere near close or ready for that yet; so envious and so proud!!! 💕💕💕💋

        I talk to strangers all the time and never an issue its weird. I lecture in front of hundreds not an issue. But walk into a building or restaurant first—I’ll die. Stay somewhere by myself—I’m convinced I’ll be raped/robbed/attacked.

        Soooo stupid

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