I figured it out!

I haven’t been able to figure out why I haven’t been hating myself as forcefully and as frequently as usual.  This actually worried me for a variety of reasons, but that’s a post for another day.  Anyway, I ran out of weed two days ago, completely out.  And immediately, my mood dropped, the self-hatred and belittling began.  I made myself sick, er well more sick.  I barely slept.  My temper took over.  Now I have my drugs and I feel simply grand.  I actually ate something.  Not something healthy, but I ate it anyway.  The kid working the drive-thru window actually smirked when he handed me my fries.  I mean, my friends and I all got together to paint our pumpkins, naturally weed was involved.  I cracked up of course.  Afterwards, I needed food.  So off to the drive-thru I go, stoned out of my mind, red swollen eyes…the whole scene.  But now I’ve had my snacks and got the tunes on.  I feel better.  I think the drugs work better than any anti-depressant I have tried from the psychologist.


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