Sick Sick Sick

WARNING: This post may contain some topics you might find gross.  Read at your own risk.



My boss sent me to the hospital on Monday when I saw blood in the toilet.  The emergency room ran about 1000 tests on me, including a pregnancy test…Thank the stars I’m not knocked up!  The rectal bleeding was undiagnosed, it may be a slight irritation that will go away, if not then I need to see a specialist and have a colonoscopy!  What they did find, however, was the source of the stomach cramps and intense nausea.  A bladder infection.  A rather serious one, actually.  Apparently my bladder is filled with pus.  Not once has it ever hurt to urinate.  Somehow, I managed to miss all the signs and symptoms of a UTI and it progressed into a massive bladder infection.

So I now have antibiotics, anti-nausea meds, and pain killers.  All of which drain the entirety of energy from my body.  I didn’t think much of the nausea and stomach cramping for weeks because it played along with the anorexia.  I only went to the hospital because of the blood.  I’m glad that happened, who knows how bad this might have gotten.  It is still possible that I have an ulcer or something similar.  I have pain when I smoke, pain when I eat, pain when I don’t eat… But of course that would mean more doctor visits and more tests.  Days without food can cause ulcers, excess acid can tear up the lining of your stomach.

I managed to go to the ER by myself, withstood all the tests by myself, and got my prescriptions by myself.  I was totally Adulting!  But the parentals were upset when I told them and asked why I didn’t call them to come to the hospital.  So they made me stay the night at their house.  Fortunately my bff stopped by with a joint.  So she and I, along with my parents, sat in the living room and had a nice smoke.  My hippie father does not smoke, of course.  I tried one time, but he refused to inhale.  My mother, on the other hand, loves to smoke but my father keeps her on a tight leash.  She becomes easily addicted to anything and everything.  I got some rest and went to work the next day.  I’m still in a bit of pain and the nausea is still there, but life goes on.


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