Something happened today that made me really concerned. 

While out with my father we planned to stop for lunch. I had fasted all day to prepare for having to eat. I knew we would go to a local chain that has a nice salad bar. However when we went in my father opted to place a carry out order since my mum had not come along and needed lunch. They don’t have carry out for the salad bar. I had to actually fight back tears because this meant there was nothing for me to eat. That’s not a normal reaction and it scared me a little. No one should cry because they planned on eating something and were left with nothing. I’ve never cried over food before. What is happening to me? 

I did get some sweet potato fries but I only ate a few. And as usual that left my stomach in pain. 

I’m breaking and I can’t do anything about it. 


One comment on “Breaking

  1. Happens to me all the time. I plan my food and if it goes off track I cry and panic. I have back up plans for this. It’s normal for us of the eating disorder variety so please don’t panic and think you are broken or a freak or bad or wrong or anything like that!! It’s our control and us taking the reins back in a situation where we don’t have them.

    It sounds like you handled it the best you could with what you were given.


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