Some people, mmm SMDH

Some people make me just want to shake my head.  I think I shall make a tiny list here.

1st My dear little sister.  I lost my phone over the weekend.  It’s an iPhone 4.  Not a new phone of course, but an iPhone nevertheless.  She helped look for it for about 4 minutes.  But I found out she was not really interested in my lost phone because “it’s so old and no one would want an old phone like that, but my phone is newer (5c that’s cracked and dying) and its something people would want to steal.”  Like seriously?  So I got a replacement phone because of an upgrade.  I got a 6+, and I’m stoked over it.  Her response…”hope you like it when it bends.”  I’m like “gurl pls, you so jealous you turning green with envy.”  God forbid I could have anything better than her.

2nd A coworker.  Today we somehow got on the topic of anorexia.  She informed me that she just couldn’t stand anorexic ppl or anyone with an eating disorder because as she sees it, they already look fine so why act like that.  I calmly explained that it’s not really something you choose.  The conversation just made me sad about life.  Of course that’s not something I could share with anyone at work.

3rd (-ish) Another coworker.  Sweet, young girl I work with is constantly trying to get me to eat.  I think she suspects something, but I’m not sure.  She always says “why don’t we split this” or “here, have a bite.”  I am constantly having to say no thanks.  But of course once in a while I have to indulge her to keep her from getting suspicious.  Today I suggested we share a fruit plate.  She ate almost all of it, but I let her see me eating.

4th My roommate (and anyone else who does this to people).  She is very nice and a friend, but she has the tendency of cutting me off when I start to talk so that she can tell me something bigger and better than my story.  I am used to it because my father has always done the same thing.  It usually makes me feel like the things I have to say don’t matter.  I know many people who do this, its hurtful.  Think about what you are doing before you jump in and cut someone off.

5th My father.  I love daddy very much, but he has such insecurities that it makes me insane.  Aside from always cutting me off when I’m talking, he has to always have a bigger and better story than me.  “Oh, that happened? Well listen to this one…” Like seriously, I get it, you are better at EVERYTHING than me, and you constantly remind me.  It’s always over petty shit.  I was born in the south and raised in the south.  He moved to the south in high school, senior year actually.  So he insists that he is more Southern than me.  As if I give a damn.

6th Cute Boy.  Apparently its ok to stop being friends with someone, who really likes you, because that friend is into drinking and such and you are too much of a mamma’s boy to have a life.  Like we had great fun doing stuff he enjoyed.  I always made sure the things we did were things he enjoyed because I know he doesn’t drink or smoke or do drugs.  But I guess seeing me drunk one time was too much for him.  Like WTF dude.  Here I am making an effort and I ***gasp*** actually like you.  But nope, that’s not good enough for him.

7th ME.  Yeah so I piss myself off all the time.  Most recently it’s about cute boy.  I can’t move on and he is all I think about when I get drunk or high.  Apparently that’s not the only time, since I’m neither right now.  But I just want to ask him why he doesn’t want to be friends anymore.  And because I’m stressing about this it pisses me off at myself.

So yes, shake my damn head.


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