My roommate caught her grown ass son in my room when I wasn’t home yesterday.  He was apparently under my bed.  Boy doesn’t even live here, like what is happening.  His story goes like this: I wanted you to know my mom caught me in your room.  I was trying to stash some drugs in there for you since you said you didn’t have any and I pawned my Xbox to buy us all drugs.  But I didn’t want her (his mum) to know I bought drugs.  He has been talking about getting out of a drug possession charge for over a week, he claims that if he can snitch on someone they will drop the charges.  Naturally I refused to supply him with any of my stash following his dumb ass remark.  I don’t screw with snitches.  Sure as hell don’t want him busting anyone I know either.  So my mother got involved.  Sent my father to collect all my drugs and paraphernalia.  Also had him check under my bed to be certain the idiot hadn’t planted anything that would be important in a bust.  But that also means I now must ask my mother for drugs from now on.  They took all my pills and cough syrup, all my weed, my grinder, everything.  Why is this happening?  I smoke every night.  Ain’t nobody got time to drive over to Mum’s and ask politely for a joint.  So I ask to see whats left of my drugs, that piece of trash STOLE from me.  Hiding a stash, my ass.  I am not a happy camper rn.


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