Drinking and stuff

So I blacked out the other night.  No idea how I got home, tho I do recall falling asleep in the park and waking up to a park ranger standing with a flashlight in my eyes.  I have no idea where in the park I was either.  Despite all of that and whatever happened that I don’t remember, it was an awesome night.  It kind of let off the steam from angry and hurtful parents and long days at work.  It was the first time I ever blacked out while away from home.  I need to find ppl to drink with so I can get home after blacking out.

On a similar note, I’m recreating that night right now, but at home this time.  I’m two beers in and just starting to feel it.  I’ll be switching to liquor shortly.  Have the flat to myself tonight.  When my roommate goes to Florida in a week or two I’ll be throwing a party!  Its gonna be awesome, or I hope it will be, I just need ppl to show up.

Ppl around me have been forcing food into me, its annoying.  Like why are ppl so hell-bent on feeding me?  Do I look like I haven’t eaten? Um no.  Do I look like I need you to take care of me? Also no.  SO why are ppl suddenly so interested in whether or not I’m eating?  Its nerve-wracking.  Needless to say, I have been eating more than I should recently.  Going WAY WAY WAY over my allotted 100 calories for the day.  Since I’m too exhausted for exercise, I can not allow myself more than that.  Besides, I get a lot of calories from alcohol anyway.

Time for more liquor, talk to ya later.


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