It’s Been A While

Wow, its been ages since I posted.  I have been working like a crazy person and I am mostly settled in my new apartment.  I really have no idea what possessed me to believe I could work with food without going insane.  Oddly enough, I am not craving ANY of the baked goods in the shop.  The exhausting thing is working 7-9 hours on an empty stomach.  Watching ppl around you shoving food in their face and then coworkers offering you food, ugh FML.  The only saving grace is I can just say “oh no thanks, I’m Paleo, so I don’t eat any of that.”  God bless strict food plans!  So I don’t eat any grains or oats, rice, legumes, dairy, or vegetable seed oils.  All this in addition to other foods I don’t eat, means I eat vegetables and some fruits, thats it.  I pretty much have myself to less than 100 calories everyday, with most days being under 50 calories.  Yesterday I ate about 22 calories in the form of a tomato.  Today will be the same.  I put on a good face at work so no one knows how exhausted and hungry I am.

I do love the job, the ppl I work with are mostly awesome.  Some of the teenagers are annoying but that goes without saying.  I fit in too, they mostly drink excessively and smoke weed.  I finally found someone to hook me up too.  Thank god.

Its been a good while since I sh.  I am so much less depressed.  I still have my moments, usually surrounding the times when my mother decides to give me the silent treatment for no reason.  It’s also been a couple weeks since I got blackout drunk.  Im actually not happy about that one.  Being blitzed is one of the few times I don’t think so damn much.

Ages more to say but thats all for now.



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