Just things

Lets see, its Thursday early morning.  I think I have had exactly 1 meal since Sunday afternoon.  I’m not even hungry.  I am a little tired, especially with working.  But a nap helps.  Course a night of sleep would help more, something more than 6 hours broken up into chunks.  I just can’t fall asleep at night and then I have to get up before 3 pm so I don’t sleep enough.  I guess that with not eating and working is making me tired.  Oh well.

I’m moving into an apartment this weekend!  I’m finally free, or I will be.  Thank God.  I will be sharing with an older lady who is a friend.  The best part is I can take my puppy.  I will miss my kitty but I can’t have both.  Maybe I’ll be able to get a place of my own before too long.

I plan to get wasted the first night in celebration.  Maybe I’ll meet some ppl, make some connections.

In other notes, I’m really sad about cute boy.  He hasn’t really spoken to me since last week and when he does text its so short and he always has something he needs to go do.  I don’t know what I did but I guess I knew this would happen.  I really wanted to trust him.  I really wanted to connect with someone.  Find someone I might be able to open up to someday.  Guess not.  The worst part is, I can’t stop thinking about it.  Its making me insane.  I didn’t think we were anything but new friends, so why can’t I stop thinking, stop hoping he’ll text?


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