Restarting the Crazy Skinny Girl Diet

So today is Day 2 of the Crazy Skinny Girl Diet.  I had some issues following Easter and used some time to fast.  I’m back on track now.  So far I am down to 248 lbs, that’s 69 total pounds.  I weigh once, sometimes twice a day now.  I haven’t been to the gym in a while however.  I have been spending my evenings drinking.  Not a positive substitute but it has been relieving the stress of dealing with overbearing parents and an angry inner voice.

I have been having the most amazing time chatting with the boy.  He is such a nerd and so sweet.  Spent the day with him today, we went to see the butterfly exhibit at the conservatory.  I took my little sister along because she had never been.  The two of them have all the same interests.  He was so sweet with her.  After the show we spent the evening watching a movie and playing games at his house.  He took us out for dinner, which of course made me insane.  I ended up splitting something with sister and she ate almost all of it anyway.  I just picked at the food.  I had already had a slushie, which he was kind enough to purchase for us.  And now that all of that has happened I have to find some way to repay his generosity.  I am thinking of offering to cook him dinner, I mean I rock it in the kitchen anyway, why not share my skills.  I met his family.  Let me tell you, his mother looked me up and down with darn near disdain in her eyes.  But I suppose since he is the oldest, and the first son, that all makes complete sense.  I’ve never had someone be as nice to me as he is, it scares me a lot.  I keep thinking that at some point he will just drop me or maybe I’m over reading everything and he doesn’t care for me that much.  I mean we are just friends, nothing more.  Its times like these when my trust issues burn me.



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