I killed Kermit The Frog

Yep, he croaked.




OK so I didn’t actually kill the frog.  I dyed my hair green, which left my hands stained with Kermit’s blood.  Why did I dye my hair green?  Why do I do anything.  Because I feel like it and if you don’t like it, screw you.

Anyway, I wanted a change and green felt right.  Not sure how everyone in the house will feel about it.

Today was an up and down day.  I was high this morning because I got to go out and spend the day with my awesome sister.  But by evening, I was miserable.  Probably because I was shopping for a dress and some shirts that actually fit.  Only everything I wanted was too small.  So I feel gross and worthless.  But then I dyed my hair and I’m kinda bouncing off the walls.  I am oddly high right now.

I guess when I get out of my headspace and do what I feel like, my real personality shows.  I am wild.  There isn’t much I wouldn’t try at least once.  I’m a Scorpio, so I’m intense and wild.  Sometimes I feel like I should wear a sign saying that I’m a Scorpio, just so people understand me.  I don’t trust easily, I am incredibly deep, I am mysterious (you will never know all of my thoughts and feelings), I come across as evil but I swear I am caring, if you hurt me I will ONLY cry in private, it’s a Scorpio thing, go with it.  When I get in these higher moods, I seriously want to go clubbing.  I CAN’T dance to save my soul, but I still want to go.

I have been given the silent treatment by my mother today, yay me.  I have no idea what I supposedly did to deserve this, however.  Maybe because I was gone all day.  I don’t know, I mean it was her idea to go shopping.  My day started with her insisting I go to church since its Palm Sunday and she wanted palms for the house.  Why she didn’t go is beyond me.  I dutifully attended mass and mostly participated.  Though I was concerned about communion and the calories in a host (0 for Catholics!).  I even showed a ton of people how to make their palms into crosses.  See, I am a nice person.  Did my shopping, ate nothing while sister had pizza.  Walked around a bunch more stores.  Finally found a dress I liked and fit.  Walked around more stores.  Tried on a ton of shirts, only got 4.  Felt like a cow.  Came home and boxed up some stuff.  Took sister home.  Bought dinner for the family and then ate my tiny salad in front of the TV watching the I Heart Radio Music Awards.  After that was over, I decided to dye my hair.  No where in my day did I do anything to warrant silent treatment.  Though I suppose if she isn’t talking to me, she also isn’t criticizing.

Day 41, I ended up eating 272 calories.  I did great until I wanted a snack.  A small slice of homemade bread and a little bit of oatmeal cookie dough, also homemade.  It undid my day.  I’m still under the daily count, but I feel like a pig.  I do want to go to the gym to show off my new green hair.  I wonder what the cutie will think of it, or if he will even care.  Plus I NEED to go to the gym to kill my food.

All in all, today was all over the place.  Maybe tomorrow will be more steady.


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