Doing Awesome–Wondering Why?!

So I am actually doing really well, I am holding it together, not binging.  I am sticking to the daily calories, only having trouble with that on the weekends when some family members think we should all eat together.  I am getting away with making my own meal–I gave up meat!  I’ve been vegetarian off and on most of my life.  I even convinced the family to follow suit, lasted about 2 1/2 years.  It wasn’t until I became so anemic, for an unrelated reason, that I was forced to eat red meat.  I was in need of a transfusion if the situation continued.  With the anemia under control, I can return to my vegetarian life.  Since the parentals would rather have meat when I have tofu, there is no argument over my diet.

Funny thing, I am not the least bit dizzy or tired, despite working out for about 2 hours each night and following the ABC Diet.  It actually concerns me that I may be doing something wrong.  Maybe my body is finally eating my ass, we can hope.  I did find that breaking up the calories during the day quelled the nighttime cravings.

Applied for some summer jobs, have heard NOTHING.  Grrr  So I have a degree, but they only hire closer to a new school year and I’m broke AF NOW.


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