Great day! Day 25, half way there.

So today was actually not too bad.  I got out of the house, did some shopping, ate dinner out with my little sister.  I stayed close to calories and didn’t eat much of my dinner.  I promised myself I would have some and bring the rest home, and I did.  Of course I also had a nice mixed drink, which adds calories quick, but I figure any opportunity to drink is well deserved.  We could all use more alcohol in our lives.

Little sister and I made matching paracord bracelets, they are so cool.  Like little friendship bracelets, just for us.  She was tired from school, so she went to bed early, or early by my standards, which left me alone.  So what did I do?  I cleaned the house.  Took my mind off wanting more to eat.  So at 2:30 AM I was mopping floors and wiping down counters.  I love a clean house, but I tend to live in a disaster zone, lol.  As a kid my mom would put off cleaning until it was necessary and then would schedule an entire Saturday (or weekend) for said cleaning.  By then it was a lot of work and usually fell on a weekend when I wanted to do something else.  Over the years I guess I associated cleaning with extreme work and punishment.  Right now our house is sparkly clean because we are trying to sell and you never know when someone is going to want to walk through with the Realtor.  Because of this, cleaning is a breeze.  And since I only sleep in the morning, I clean at night, unless I go to the gym, which is almost every night.

I have been doing great at the gym, in my spare time I look up new exercises to burn fat and build good muscle.  I am a total fan of the squat and the variations, but they can leave your legs hurting if you do too many.  Not that I mind, it’s like a little reminder that your body is toning and fixing itself.  It also reminds me that I need to do more squats.  I even broke out some tricks from my childhood—Ballet.  Barre work is great for burning fat, specifically in the legs and butt.  I promised myself if I ever make it to beautiful, I will go back to ballet.  I so enjoyed it as a kid, the structure and discipline drew me in.  Added bonus being no one cares how thin you get in the ballet world.  Thinner is always better.

Day 25 going better.  Half way there.  I really wish I owned a scale to see how much I’ve lost.  Lots of my clothes are baggy now so that’s something.  Tomorrow is Pi day, ahh pie or Pi day.  Yeah, that’s gonna be a challenge.  I love Pi day, maybe because I have it memorized to 32 places, lol.  Nerd alert.


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