So tired

So I’ve now been awake for close to 20 hours, and today is just starting.  I won’t be sleeping until much later, possibly tomorrow morning.  Why?  Beats the hell out of me.  Okay, I kinda do know why.  My parental unit thinks I am sleeping too much and too late.  So I figure if they want me up at an early time, I’ll just skip sleeping.  I drank a Mountain Dew Kickstart and spent the night writing on my book.  I’m exhausted from the gym and I’m starving.  My dog is cuddling in the bed and I am wide awake.

On the bright side, the book is getting so much better.  I might actually have a finished novel sometime in the future!  Of course I might pass out before it gets published, but that’s a story for another author.  I really can’t wait until I live alone.


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