Day 17 of the ABC Diet

The cravings have been there for several days now, it has gotten to where that’s all I think about.  I gave in today, and they have finally gone away.  I think I’m back on track now.

Today was supposed to be a fasting day, and it was, until dinner.  The family decided to go out to eat.  Living with people who are seriously suspicious of your eating habits means you can’t just say “I’m not hungry.”  So I had dinner, fortunately the restaurant had a nice salad bar, they even have vinegar for dressing and all the hot sauce you want.

It was after dinner that I gave in to my craving for something sweet.  I had a bowl of cereal and lots of milk.  I actually feel much better, not as tired or sore.

I know this weekend will be tough because we are spending Saturday at the Lawn and Garden Show.  That means greasy fast food or food court crap (FCC!)  Yay me.  I’m sure someone out there has a salad without cheese and dressing on it, oh please.


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