Day 14 of the ABC Diet

For those of you not familiar with the ABC Diet, each day offers a new calorie count, with five fasting days included.  The idea is that varying the calorie count from day-to-day will jump-start the metabolism.  It is a good plan for those wanting to lose large amounts of weight.  For newbies, this plan will let you judge how many calories a day are likely to set off cravings.  For me, that’s anything over 300 calories.  It may be different for you.  Once you are in tune to with your body, this gets easier.  I know that after dinner, specifically a heavy dinner, I am going to crave sweets.  I have been drinking hot tea like it’s going out of style.  Sweetened with a no-calorie sweetener gives me the sweetness I crave.

Cravings are something you have to deal with.  If you have a bad day, that’s okay, just do some extra time at the gym and cut back on the calories tomorrow.  If you have a binge, then deal with that as you see fit.  Remember to never eat anything if you don’t know the calorie count.  There are plenty of free apps that will calculate calories for you, saves me time and a headache!

So at day 14, I’m a little tired, but I also only get around 6 hours of sleep a night.  I have been dealing with more cravings lately.  The nausea when I eat anything has not gone away, but I’ve had that for months.  I am enjoying the sound of my stomach growling and I haven’t had any dizzy spells.  I also have a lot of weight to lose, so I guess my body is finally eating my ass.  #MovieReference  Two points to you if you can name that movie!

Good luck on your journey.  Remember why you are doing this, it helps.


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